Guenther Homes traces its roots back to the year 1987, when Peter Guenther formed a residential framing crew in Guelph, Ontario. The company quickly grew both in the scope of the services it provided as well as in its reputation for excellence.

From the beginning, Peter’s vision was to construct homes that exceeded all conventional standards of quality. His belief was that a homes rating of excellence should not be drawn from its appearance and design alone, but from the quality and fit of the very members that compose its unseen structure. It is a vision that has developed into a way of life at Guenther Homes and has set the company apart from so many others in so many ways.

Guenther Homes continually strives to be current with the knowledge and technology of the industry, and are always looking for ways to make the home building process smooth and easy for the client.

  • We offer in house drafting, with the option of having a 3D rendering of your home done, so you can truly have a sense and feel of what your finished home will be.
  • We also offer the services of our Design and Project Co-Ordinator who will work with you, one on one, every step of the way, from blueprint creation to finished project.
  • We work exclusively with WillowTree, our own kitchen and custom cabinetry company, to customize all of your cabinetry needs for your home

In looking for a builder, there is much you should know about the company you choose to hire and entrust your investment of a lifetime.

  • We believe that no matter what selection you make in the size or standard of your home, the same amount of care in every detail should be taken.
  • We believe that if you, a valued client, trust us with building your home, our craftsmanship should always be held to the highest of standards
  • We believe that you, the homeowner, should have the assurance that there is not a single stage in the building process in which time and thought has not been placed into each detail.
  • We believe that trust is a predominant factor. Each homeowner can have the confidence that what we promise, we deliver.