The mainstay at Guenther Homes is its custom building proficiency. Over the years, we have assembled a team whose aim it is to interpret and realize the dreams of our clients. To this end we offer a complete in-house architectural design service, with the option of a 3D rendering to better visualize and get a sense of your finished home.

Our approach to subdivision is derived from our custom home building experience. It does accommodate, however the many clients who are looking for ready to build designs and an accelerated building process. We offer a variety of plans that reflect today’s most common design trends and ideas.

Our goal, with every project, is to satisfy our clients. We understand that total satisfaction is realized over time, and that quality materials and meticulous workmanship are the key agents of a homes longevity. Thus, our commitment to excellence in building is your assurance of having a home that not only fulfills your dreams of today, it preserves them for years to come!


Guenther Homes is an Energy Star qualified home builder and is a recognized Tarion home builder, which has not had a claim in over 16 years, setting a superior record in custom home building. We also offer a peace of mind for out clients through our P.A.C.T. agreement.

  • PATIENCE Your home is a big investment. Building it in record time should never be a priority.
  • ASSURANCE We want you to have the best home possible. Your satisfaction is very important to us.
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP All our work is carefully monitored and held to our strict standards.
  • TRUST Building trust and positive relationships with our customers has been the key to our success.